Monday, April 16, 2012

Photos from the EMAS South West Ireland Study Tour are now the Web

A selection of photos from the EMAS archaeological study tour to South West Ireland are now on the Web.

You can find them here...

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EMAS Field Trip to Richborough, Reculver, and Lullingstone Roman Villa

Saturday, 19th May 2012

Harvey Sheldon will be our guide to the Roman forts of Richborough and Reculver and the extensive remains of the villa at Lullingstone in Kent.

Though disputed in some circles, Rutupiae at Richborough was the landing place of the Claudian forces in AD43.  Then it was a coastland site, separated from the Isle of Thanet, but suitable for guarding the Wantsum Channel and an excellent supply base for the invasion of Britain.  An interrupted line of double ditches, just inside the later fort’s west gate are evidence of this activity in AD43.  A huge cruciform platform is now all that remains of a magnificent marble-faced monument, that dominated the fort by AD85.  It was replaced by a signal tower, surrounded by triple ditches in the mid 3rd century.  It is to the later 3rd century that the massive stone walls can be dated, when Richborough became one of the Saxon Shore Forts, defending the south-eastern coastline of Britain from the raids of Saxon pirates.

We will then go to another Saxon Shore Fort, Regulbium or Reculver, which is rapidly being eroded by the sea.  Once 8 acres was enclosed by its fortifications and, as at Richborough, there was early activity, connected with the AD43 invasion, but the walls, still visible, belong to the first half of the 3rd century on evidence from an inscription and from construction techniques.