Sunday, August 5, 2012

EMAS Roman Field Trip to Wroxeter

This is the postponed June field trip to Roman Wroxeter in Shropshire.

Dr Roger White, Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity, University of Birmingham, will be our guide to the new construct of a Roman town house in the morning and to a general tour of this extensive Roman site in the afternoon.  Dr White was involved in the town house project and his guide book on the whole site has just been published.  I thought many members would like a chance to see this new construct.

Wroxeter began as an auxillary fort about a quarter of a mile south of the present site which became the tribal capital of the Cornovii as Viroconium Cornoviorum.  Absence of resettlement over Viroconium and limited stone robbing has resulted in fascinating remains and features on a very special site.  These remains are dominated by a large wall, known as Old Work, which is really part of a large aisled building that divided an exercise hall from a bath suite, erected in the second half of the second century.  There was a unique inscription found in the 1920s excavations recording the building of the civitas Cornoviorum under Hadrian in 130AD.  A copy of this and other finds are exhibited in the interesting museum on site.