Saturday, March 23, 2013

Online Viking Course

Vikings: Raiders, Traders and Settlers

University of Oxford Online and Distance Learning

8 May to 21 July 2013

Ravagers, despoilers, pagans, heathens - the Vikings are usually regarded as bloodthirsty seafaring pirates, whose impact on Europe was one of fear and terror. As they plundered the British Isles and the north Atlantic, these pagan invaders were seen by their Christian victims as a visitation from God.

Yet the Vikings were also traders, settlers and farmers with a highly developed artistic culture and legal system. Their network of trade routes stretching from Greenland to Byzantium and their settlements, resulted in the creation of the Duchy of Normandy in France, the foundation of the Kingdom of Russia in Kiev and Novgorod as well as the development of Irish towns including Cork, Dublin and Limerick. 

This course will use recent findings from archaeology together with documentary records, to examine these varied aspects of the Viking world and to give a detailed and balanced view of this fascinating period. 

A wide variety of online resources including Google Maps and Google Earth as well as specific Viking web pages, are used in conjunction with text books and specially designed online interactive media to create an exciting insight into the world of the Vikings.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

EMAS Study Tour to Brittany

EMAS Study Tour to Brittany

23 to 30 May 2013

This year's EMAS Spring Archaeological Study Tour is to Brittany.

The area is justly famous for its prehistoric monuments, especially the stunning Carnac alignments, but there are monuments of all periods to be found here. An interesting late medieval local feature is the enclos paroissial, or parish close. These sites are cultic in character. Within the walled churchyard are only buildings and structures designed for worship: the church, the calvary, and sometimes an ossuary or charnel house.

The coach will pick up at London Embankment. We will stay overnight in Rouen on our way to and from Brittany. The rest of the time we will stay in the charming town of Quimper. The major sites that we will visit include the prehistoric sites of Carnac and Locmariaquer; the Celtic and Viking fortification at the Camp de Péran; the abbeys of Mont-St-Michel and Beauport; the castle at Fougères and a selection of the best of the parish closes.

The cost of this trip will be £706 per person sharing a twin room and £835 per person in a single room.. The cost includes travel by coach; Bed & Breakfast in the hotels; entry to all the monuments and an illustrated brochure of the sites. 

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