Sunday, April 21, 2013

EMAS Roman Field Trip to Bath & Cirencester

Saturday, 18th May 2013

Our May day trip will feature the Roman Baths and Temple complex at Aquae Sulis (Bath) and the museum at Corinium Dobunnorum (Cirencester).

The origin of Bath’s importance over the centuries has depended on the location of a hot spring emerging to the surface.  This spring became a place of worship for the river goddess, Sulis, a deity of the local Celtic tribe of the Dobunni and it carried on as a source of healing and worship for the Romans and into later times.  The Roman temple was dedicated to Sulis Minerva.

The Roman town and baths, revealed by many archaeological investigations over the years owe their existence to a fort, which has never been found.  By 100AD an impressive bath and temple complex had been laid out at Aquae Sulis.  The hot spring was enclosed inside a large reservoir, lined with sheets of lead.  The site and finds are beautifully displayed in situ.  Group guides are not permitted, but an excellent audio tour guide is provided for your visit.

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