Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day School: Charlemagne - Germanic King or 'Roman' Emperor?

Day School: Charlemagne - Germanic King or 'Roman' Emperor?
David Beard MA, FSA
10:00 a.m. Wednesday, 29 October 2014
This year is the 1200th anniversary of the death of Charlemagne.
Few men have had such a lasting influence on the course of Western history as Charlemagne. At the height of his rule in the early ninth century, Charlemagne was King of the Franks, King of the Lombards and Emperor of a new Roman Empire.
He ruled all the Christian lands of western Europe except for the British Isles, and south Italy and Sicily, while what was to develop into Orthodox Christianity held sway in the Byzantine Empire.Charlemagne was a staunch upholder of the Roman Christian faith, the driving force behind the Carolingian Renaissance that set out to restore the culture that had been lost through the fall of Rome, and an immensely effective war leader whose conquests effectively created the idea of Europe as we know it.
This day school will use recent findings from archaeology together with documentary records to examine the varied aspects of Early Medieval Europe and to give a detailed and balanced view of this important period.

EMAS Field Trip to Coldred, Lyminge, Hythe and Paddlesworth

EMAS Field Trip to Coldred, Lyminge, Hythe and Paddlesworth

Saturday, 1 November 2014

David Beard MA, FSA

Coldred St Pancras Church
 This tiny Saxo-Norman church, just a nave and chancel, stands in an extensive early earthwork north of Watling Street.
Lyminge St Mary's Church The ruins of nave and apse separated by a triple apse alongside the existing parish church are part of the Anglo-Saxon nunnery of St Ethelburg. Excavations in 2012 revealed an Anglo-Saxon royal hall to the north-east of the church.
Hythe One of the Cinque Ports, but now abandoned by the sea. In 1570, Lambarde wrote that the sea had spoilt the harbour and obliterated much of the town. St Leonard's Church has fabric of the 12th and 13th centuries, and is famous for its ossuary.
Paddlesworth St Oswald's Church Although the present church seems to date from early Norman times, indications of an earlier structure were discovered during reparations carried out in 1870. It is not improbable that the original church owed its foundations to St. Ethelburga, the foundress and first abbess, of the neighbouring nunnery of Lyminge, whose name seems to be still preserved in "Tata's Lees" - the hill between Lyminge and Paddlesworth. Bede states that Ethelburga was "otherwise called Tate".

EMAS NEWS September 2014

25th Anniversary Party - 2nd August 2014
It was exceedingly pleasant to welcome so many members and some of our tutors at the 25th Anniversary Party.  But for one short, heavy shower the sun shone on a very happy group of people busy renewing old friendships and enjoying the buffet and juice of the grape!  Special mention must to Ellen and Helmut Molz, who laboured over hot barbecues to produce such delicious hamburgers and sausages.

Obviously massive thanks go to several people who, in connection with food preparation and general organisation, ensured the success of this celebration.  Although Sue and Andrew Davidson couldn’t join us on the day their help was invaluable beforehand.

We also missed two of our past Presidents, Dr Martin Biddle and Harvey Sheldon, who because of family commitments couldn’t be with us on the 2nd.  Our President, Jon Cotton was particularly sorry not to be with us to give his usual generous support but sent flowers to show he was thinking of us.

We are also indebted to Tony Bolton who was our ‘official photographer’.  A selection of Tony’s photos, together with some from Dave Beard can be found on the web here...

Date of President’s Christmas Lecture

Friday 5th December 2014
Details of Jon Cotton’s lecture will be in a fuller programme to be sent shortly.

Dates of EMAS Study Tours

EMAS Easter Tour to North Scotland and the Isle of Skye 2nd – 8th April 2015.
EMAS Study Tour to Southern Bavaria 30th May – 6th June 2015.

Details of the late autumn Day School and EMAS Field Trip are enclosed with this mailshot.

I hope you are all still enjoying the remnants of the summer and we may see some of you quite soon.

Rosemary Yeaxlee