Monday, October 12, 2015

Field Trip: Four Anglo-Saxon Churches in Hampshire

Field Trip to Headborne Worthy; Tichborne; Corhamton
and Boarhunt Anglo-Saxon Churches
Guide: David Beard MA, FSA
Saturday, 7 November 2015
Pick up 8:00 am at London Baker Street

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day school - Saxons and Vikings: the Danelaw

Saxons and Vikings: the Danelaw a day school by David Beard MA, FSAWednesday, 4 November 201510:00 am

When King Alfred defeated Guthrum's Viking army at Edington in 878, the resulting peace treaty divided the country into two along a line that ran from London to Bedford and then up to Chester. The Vikings' share of the country became known as the Danelaw.
During the tenth century, towns in the Danelaw such as York, Chester and the 'Five Boroughs' of Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Nottingham and Stamford developed into great trading centres with far-flung connections through the Baltic, and on through Russia to Constantinople with its connections to the Silk Road.
But just how Danish was the Danelaw? This day school looks at recent evidence from archaeology, documentary history, place-names, personal names, regional dialects and DNA studies to examine the Danelaw and its role in late Anglo-Saxon England.
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It hardly seems possible that the time of year has arrived to send out the 2015-2016 Programme.  It is a preliminary programme as further trips and another lecture are to be added. (You can view the programme here...)

There is a very interesting display of the conserved finds from The Staffordshire Hoard at the Birmingham Museum.  After Dr. Leslie Webster showed some of the fragments and larger items of Anglo-Saxon metalwork in her fascinating lecture last year, I thought some members might be interested in going to see this exhibition.  One of the conservators would give us an introductory talk, but it would have to be on a weekday.  EMAS could hire a coach to Birmingham or we could meet at New Street Station, having made your own way to Birmingham by train.  Please let me know if you would be interested in this visit to Birmingham Museum.

The 2015-16 membership is due in October 2015.  We hope you will decide to renew your membership, as we value your participation in the Society.  Membership remains £15 for one person and £20 for two persons at the same address.  We look forward to seeing you at some of this year’s events.

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September 2015

Rosemary Yeaxlee
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